Imagining the future of Beauty, ARTISTRY is a skincare and cosmetics brand sold exclusively through Amway that almost 5 million women around the world love and use.  ARTISTRY offers a range of skincare and makeup products that address every beauty need for women of all skin types and skin tones globally.  From basic hydration to advanced anti-aging and everyday makeup needs, complemented by our intensive series based on the latest in-office treatments, plus an exclusive luxury collection for face and eye.  ARTISTRY is always looking to find the best ingredients from around the world, partnered with global trends to develop breakthrough products, allowing ARTISTRY to stay ahead in beauty.


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 We search the globe to discover nature’s precious and beneficial ingredients.  From rare red caviar from pristine Norwegian fjords to precious Acerola Cherry originally from the Andes and cultivated to grow on our own organic farms, ARTISTRY finds the earth’s prized ingredients for innovative skincare treatments.  ARTISTRY discoveries bring your beauty forward, further than ever thought possible.



Inspired by findings from our global network of research and trend centers and designed to meet the unique skincare and makeup needs of different ethnicities around the world, ARTISTRY has been driven for more than 50 years by imagining what is possible for achieving beautiful skin and expressive makeup looks. 



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With more than 200 patents approved and pending globally, and more than 900 scientists, engineers, academics, and product development experts, the ARTISTRY brand enables women around the world to advance their beauty.  Our invention of tomorrow’s technologies today always puts performance first, moving ARTISTRY ahead with the most scientifically advanced solutions.  


Catherine Ehrenberger, Vice-President of Research & Development & Quality Assurance

Catherine Ehrenberger leads the company’s growing global research efforts, as well as the division that ensures the quality of its products.  She is charged with ensuring that Amway brings high-impact products to market to fulfill the demands of our discerning customers.


Dr. Paul Seehra, Director, Asia Beauty Innovation Center and Korea R&D

For over 15 years, Dr. Paul Seehra has dedicated his research to discovering the most beneficial and effective technologies possible.  Dr. Seehra is proud to be an integral part of the team that is ensuring the most innovative and advanced trends are incorporated into ARTISTRY Product Development.




Jesse Leverett, Senior Principal Research Scientist, New Technology & Innovations

Jesse Leverett holds dozens of international patents featured within ARTISTRY formulas.  He has over 20 years of experience in skincare research and development.



Established in 2007, the Artistry Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is composed of leading international experts in skin health research.  This distinguished panel of leading academics and expert practitioners in their fields of skincare research advise ARTISTRY scientists on a range of topics, while guiding new pathways for research and technology exploration. ARTISTRY scientists have implemented research studies with several board members which have led to game-changing product development initiatives.


Dr. Soyun Cho, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Dermatology at College of Medicine, Seoul National University, SOUTH KOREA


Dr. Gary J. Fisher, Ph.D.

Professor in the Department of Dermatology, Director of Photobiology and Aging Skin Laboratory, University of Michigan Medical School, USA


Dr. Kenneth Kornman, D.D.S., Ph.D.

President and Chief Scientific Officer, Interleukin Genetics, USA


Dr. Wei Lai, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor and Chairman of the Department of Dermatology, 3rd Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, CHINA


Dr. Patricia Ogilvie, M.D.

Skin Concept Institute for Dermatocosmetics; Private Clinic for Dermatology and Laser Medicine, GERMANY


Dr. John Pawelek, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist, Department of Dermatology, Yale University School of Medicine, USA


Dr. Diane Thiboutot, M.D.

Professor of Dermatology, The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, USA